Weekly Business Quiz # 281

Q 1. Why lion was chosen as the symbol for the Make in India’ campaign of Govt of India ?

Ans. India’s journey to emerge as a global manufacturing hub is unstoppable, very similar to that of a walking lion….

Q 2. What innovative compensation policy has been adopted by credit card processing firm Gravity payments ?

Ans. The minimum salary has been raised to US $ 70,000 for all and the CEO has taken a pay-cut

Q3. Which airline in US in order to enhance passenger in flight experience has introduced live “Book readings” by authors ?

Ans. Southwest Airlines

Q4. Rajeev Suri currently in the news for the Nokia Alcatel -Lucent deal shares something with Microsoft’s Satya Nadella. What ?

Ans. Both are alumni of Manipal Institute of Technology

Q5. By what name is the newly launched MPV Renault Lodgy called in countries other than CIS and India ?

Ans. Dacia Lodgy

Q6. In which city is the Air India memorial ?

Ans. Toronto, Canada

Q7. What is the name of the of fitness spa chain started by Virat Kohli ?

Ans. Chisel

Q8. Known variously as ‘Baron of Botox” or “Skincare Svengali”, this dermatologist used to treat many celebrities like Madonna. Name him.

Ans. Fredric Brandt

Q9. Robert Schuller was a pastorpreneur. Who or what is a pastorpreneur ?

Ans. Using religion to build a business

Q 10. Which model will replace Maruti Suzuki Ritz in the second half of 2015 ?

Ans. YRA

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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