Weekly Business Quiz # 241

Q 1. In which country is multinational companies like Coca Cola giving an ‘environmental hardship allowance’ to attract expatriates who want to leave the country because of smog ?
Ans. China

Q 2. Connect Adidas, Budweiser, Hyundai…

Ans. Sponsors of FIFA 2014 individual awards

Q 3. Which corporate house is behind the setting up of the Ahmedabad University ?

Ans. Arvind Lalbhai group

Q4. Which is the favorite business book of both Warren Buffett and Bill Gates ?

Ans. Business Adventures by John Brooks

Q5. Jehangir Pocha, editor of NewsX TV , passed away this morning. Prior to this, he was associated as Editor of a business magazine. Name it.

Ans. Business World

Q6. Why did the Tesla boss Elon Musk say ” Ford is killing SEX ‘ ?

Ans. Because Tesla has model S and X. And they cant name their next model E as Ford will sue them if they do so as they have the same name for their car model.

Q7. In 1960s, which engg company was started by approaching the region’s farmers for investment. Even to this day big farmers around Karad own stake in it ?

Ans. Bharat Forge

Q8. Railway Minister has announced 5 new Jansadharan trains in this year’s railway budget. What is spl about these trains ?

Ans. Unreserved Superfast trains

Q 9. Which Indian corporate is at the centre of a controversy where tickets bought by it for FIFA matches were resold in the black market ?

Ans. Reliance Industries

Q 10. Identify the person on the right of Amitabh Bachchan.


Ans. VSS Mani of Just Dial

Q 11. Maelys Castela has taken over as the CEO of a major European company. Name it.


Ans. Akzo Nobel

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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