Weekly Business Quiz # 181

http://www. Greendust.com  is in the business of reverse logistics.What is reverse logistics ?

Ans. Reverse logistics is the distribution channel from consumer back to the producer usually for disposal or repair

In colloquial speak if Bain consultants are called Bainies, what are consultants of BCG and McKinsey called ?

Ans. BCG guys are Brainies and McKinsey guys are vainies

In which business are the companies Sport Mechanics, Sporting Minds and Kadamba leaders ?

Ans. Sports Analytics

Who is the first person to speak at Harvard without having a written script ? Hint: He is not a businessman.

Ans. PSY

One company has figured in the fortune 500 every year since 1955. Only in 2012 it did not appear. name it.

Ans. Eastman Kodak

There are only 3 companies which have occupied the top slot in Fortune 500 ever since 1955. Name them.

Ans. General Motors, Exxon Mobil and Wal-Mart

Name this American icon which started in 1904 and got dissolved in 2003. Part of the first Fortune 500, it supplied armours and rails.

Ans. Bethlehem Steel

Which two Indian companies are allegedly involved in the cyber heist worth billions of dollars ?

Ans. Enstage and Electracard

Which vehicles will replace Maruti Gypsy in the Indian Army ?

Ans. Mahindra Scorpio and/or Tata Safari

Who has written the Foreword for Shobha Dondre’s book Dhandha : How Gujaratis do Business ?

Ans. Narendra Modi

It started in 1898 as Chicago Butter and Egg Board, an agri exchange. Today it is many times bigger than CBOT. How do we know it today ?

Ans. CME, formerly known as Chicago Mercantlie Exchange

Which group was the major occupant of Rana Plaza building that collapsed in Savar, Bangladesh leading to over 1000 deaths ?

Ans. New Wave Group

ITC Chief YC Deveshwar has bought a house in New Delhi for Rs 85 crore only,Who was the seller ?

Ans. Aman Mehta of HSBC

Who owns the rights for compiling the HSBC purchasing managers index ?

Ans. Markit Group

Who will take over from Pascal Lamy as the next DG of WTO ?

Ans. Roberto Azevedo of Brazil

In airline trade, what is the difference between interline agreement and code-sharing ?

Ans.Interline agreements facilitates travel for guests who require flights with more than one airline to reach their final destination with single reservation. 

  • Code share agreements allow multiple airlines to sell space on the same flight as if it were their flight. Only in code share agreements can frequent flyer points be given by flying another airline.

Which software products major would be the first major co to discontinue CD/DVD to ship software and move to cloud totally ?

Ans. Adobe

Nisaba Godrej, daughter of Adi Godrej, recently married her classmate from Wharton in a simple ceremony. What was the invite ?

Ans. Office memo

Which cartoon character connects McDonalds, Holicks, Reynolds and Max SuperMarkets ?

Ans. Chhota Bheem

As per the TRAI released data for December ‘ 12 what is the ARPU in Rs for a GSM mobile user in India ?

Ans. Rs 98

Narayana Murthy has summarised his business philosophy as PSPD. What does PSPD stand ? ( not to be confused with the Orient Fans acronym:-)

Ans. Predicatibility, sustainability, profitability, De-risking

Who started a co focused on the Indian market called Softronics and closed it when he realised the market was weak ?

Ans. Narayana Murthy

It was started by the owner’s son who said ” I certainly don’t think that we will earn much money on this, but at least it will allow us to take pictures for free.” They represented Kodak in Sweden. Their cameras became very famous and was used by NASA in the Apollo mission. These cameras were belovedly archaic, taking pictures in a square format on actual, physical film. Their iconic 503CW ceased production this week. Name this Swedish brand

Ans. Hasselblad

Identify this man.

Clue 1 : Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He landed in the UK in ‘1960s. He only ate Cadbury’s milk chocolate for many days, because that was the only thing he was familar with in India.
Clue 2 : He is a manufacturing guru and… runs the Warwick Manufacturing Group in University of Warwick. He trains thousands of Indians and Chinese in cutting edge mfg.
Clue 3 : He was recognised by British govt and made a Labour Peer. He is Lord of Moseley.
Clue 4 : His closeness to Ratan Tata is clear when he says “She got rid of the automotive sector but kept the Jaguar because she knew there was a nugget there. And when it was finally disappearing, I went and told Ratan to buy it.” He also influenced Ratan in choosing Cyrus Mistry over other candidates.

Ans. Lord Kumar Bhattacharya

Cyrus McCormick invented the mechanical reaper. His co merged with Deering Harvester in 1902 to become International Harvester. This co was part of the first Fortune 500. Now this co is no longer in agriculture but is still part of Fortune 500. How do we know this co. today ?

Ans. Navistar

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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