Weekly Business Quiz # 160

Q 1. Who is the first woman to head the industry body FICCI ?

Ans. Naina Lal Kidwai

Q 2. Why is AOL paying a bonus of $ 1056 to all its employees ?

Ans. AOL has sold patents worth $ 1.056 Bn to Microsoft

For more read the link.

Q 3. What revolutionary tech did Norman Woodland invent. He died recently in New York .

Ans. Bar code

For more read the link.

Q 4. Why did the I & B minister ban hindi film music in AIR in1952 that gave opp to Radio Ceylon?

Ans. He felt the Hindi film music was vulgar, erotic

For more read the link

Q 5. According to ISB what % of BSE top 500 cos. Are family owned ?

Ans. 73 % 

Q 6. In EID Parry what does E I D stand for ?

Ans. East India Distillers

Q 7. India’s first sugar plant was set up in 1842 in Nellikuppam TN. Which co owns this plant now ?

Ans. EID Parry

For more read the link.

Q8. Which indian city’s TEDx licence has been cancelled ?

Ans. Chennai 

Q9. Which bank will open 12 branches in 12 districts of 12 states at 12.12 pm on 12.12.12 ?

Ans. IDBI bank 

Q 10. One of the early brands of Wipro has been sold to Cargill India. Name the brand.

Ans. Sunflower  

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @ go_mohan


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