Weekly Business Quiz # 151

Q 1. Who has acquired 70 % stake in Sprint telecom USA ?

Ans. Softbank of Japan

Q 2. Which two US economists have won the Nobel Prize for Economics 2012 ?

Ans. Alvin Roth and Lloyd S Shapley from US

Q3. With which brand would you associate the world record breaking jump from stratosphere of Felix Baumgartner ?

Ans.  Red Bull Stratos was sponsored by Red Bull

Q4, Who is the subject of the Audio book ” the Man who made the elephants dance” ?

Ans. Verghese Kurien

Q5. Which brand of Indian confectionery has been confiscated by FDA in USA ?

Ans.  Parle Mango Bite

Q6. Who are the new Owners of Deccan Chargers, the IPL Team ?

Ans. Kamala Landmarc bought it but BCCI has cancelled DC franchise

Q7. To which city is Air India shifting its HQ in true Tughlaqian style ?

Ans. New Delhi from Mumbai

Q8. Who is the new CFO of Infosys ?

Ans. Rajiv Bansal

Q9. The first digital camera prototype was built by Steve Sasson in 1975: it was the size of a toaster .which co was he associated ?


Q 10. What is the new name of the company Cadbury India ?

Ans. Mondelez

Q 11. With which celebrity would you asscoiate the Skylight Group of Companies

Ans. Robert Vadra

Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan



    • Thanks very much for your kind words of encouragement. I am delighted to know that many in quiz fraternity are following it.


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