Weekly Business Quiz # 136

Q 1. Which group has created an Orbit in London at the Olympic Park designed by Indian born designer Anish Kapoor ?

Ans. Arcelor Mittal

Q 2. What is the name of the Tablet announced by Microsoft ?

Ans. Surface

Q3. What unique step is taken by australian online retailer http://Kogan.com  to dissuade people from using IE ?

Ans.  A tax for using IE

Q4. Which new film is being promoted with the slogan TERI KEH KE LOONGA ?

Ans. Gangs of Wasseypur

Q5. Which bank was founded in New York on June 16, 200 years ago ?

Ans.  Citibank

Q6. What price did the first Apple computer Apple I fetch in a New York auction ?

Ans.  345,000 $

Q7. A German Bank Sparkasse Chemnitz is issuing a MasterCard with a very unusual image for a credit card. Whose image ?

Ans.  Karl Marx

Q8. Which Bollywood superstar is behind the education cum entertainment venture KidZania ?

Ans. Shah Rukh Khan

Q9. Which Indian group has sought the suffix .indians under the new Internet domain registration policy of ICANN ?

Ans. Reliance

Q10. Which exchange is going to acquire the prestigious London Metal Exchange for 2.1 bn $ ?

Ans. Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Q11. In the context of enterprise computing what is a BYOD policy ?

Ans. Bring your own device

-Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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