Weekly Business Quiz # 134

Q1. Which American city proposes to ban large bottles and cans of colas and beverages to fight obesity ?

Ans. New York

Q2. Why is the Morgan Stanley analyst Scott Devitt in the news ?

Ans.  He is the analyst who brought dwn the earnings estimate of Facebook before IPO

Q3. Name the social network started by Ayab Abdullah of Uzbekistan which looks a lot like Facebook.

Ans.  YouFace

Q4. Who is the newly appointed Chairman of LIC ?

Ans. D.K.Mehrotra

Q5. What innovation has been highlighted by Bill Gates as an innovation that has saved max lives in the last 200 years ?

Ans. a flushing Toilet

Q6. What is the popular term for”hydraulic fracturing” of rock using water, sand to recover natural gas called ?

Ans. Fracking

Q7. Name the science fiction author who gave the Law of three for Robo-ethics ?

Ans.  Isaac Asimov

Q8. Which ’80s classic Hindi comedy had Dipti Naval playing a door-to-sakesperson selling Chamko detergent ? This is being remade

Ans. Chashme Buddoor

Q9. A new book ” Life behind the lobby ” by Pawan dhingra is a story about which industry and class of entrepreneurs ?

Ans. On how Indian Americans, particularly Patels came to dominate the Motel industry in US

-Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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