Weekly Business Quiz # 124

Q1. Jet has decided to merge Jet Konnect and JetLite. Which brand will be retained ?

Ans. Jet Konnect

Q2.  UPS has acquired TNT. What is the full form of TNT ?
Ans. Thomson Nationwide Transport
Q3. Name the first open source company that will clock 1 billion $ in revenues.
Ans. Red Hat
Q4. Why has Israel decided to ban skinny models from ads ?
Ans. To reduce eating disorders
Q5. What will be the name of the new sports channel to be launched by Sony ?
Ans. Six
Q6. Where will the HQ of the co formed out of the merger of Tech Mahindra and Mahindra Satyam be located ?
Ans. Pune
Q7. Among cola drinkers who are ‘dualists’ and ‘resistants” ?
Ans. Dualists drink both regular and diet at diff times. Resistants drink neither
Q8. If Pepsi has Tropicana as its pure juices brand, what is Coke’s pure juice brand called ?
Ans. Simply juices
Q9. Which animation character created by Hyderabad based Green Gold Animation has made Pogo the No 1 children’s channel in India ?
Ans. Chhota Bheem
Q10. On World Water Day today, how is SBI celebrating ?
Ans. SBI gave away a free water purifier to 13600 schools from their 13600 branches
Q11.From April 1 2012 what will be the uniform validity of all cheques as per a RBI regulation ?
Ans. 3 months
Q12. GAIL has built India’s longest gas pipeline which was inaug y’day by PM. Name the two terminals of this line.
Ans. Dahej to Bhatinda
Q 13. Many analysts in US have decided to exclude one co’s results from corporate earnings, bcos the co skews the results. Name the co.
Ans. Apple
Q14. Artist Robert Hunt painted the image of a boy on the moon fishing, which was converted by I L & m into a digital image. Which movie co logo ?
Ans. Dreamworks
Q15. Most logos carry one icon, but which co logo has as many as 25 icons with symbols such as sun, DNA, bee, flower and heart?
Ans. Unilever
Q 16. To which brand did Karhu Sports sell its logo for $ 2000 and two bottles of whiskey ?
Ans Adidas

Q 17. Which car logo was designed by Childe Harild Wills, the inventor of Vanadium and molybdenum steel alloys ?

Ans. Ford Motors

( Note : Q14 to 17 were taken from Sunday Chronicle dated 25/03/12. Thanks)

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter go_mohan



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