Weekly Business Quiz # 125

Q 1. Which mass market brand tried unsuccessfully to launch a premium offering called ARCH DELUXE ?

Ans. McDonalds

Q2. Name the famous economist who also managed the investments of Kings College cambridge successfully.

Ans.  John Keynes

Q 3. What is often said to be “sublimated essence of what America stands for” ? One journalist said it was ” a decent thing, honestly made”

Ans. Coke

Q4. Suzuki Mehran is the largest selling model in Pakistan. How is this model known in india ?

Ans.  Maruti 800

Q5. Who coined the word “nanotechnology” in 1974, to signify machining with tolerances of less than a micron

Ans. Norio Taniguchi

Q6. The lead female actor of Blood Money  Amrita Puri is the daughter of a well known banker. Name him

Ans. Aditya Puri of HDFC Bank

Q7. In stock exchange trading what is ALGO ?

Ans. Algorithmic trading

Q8. Name the celebrities behind a new networking platform for story telling etc called QYUKI

Ans. .Shekhar kapur and AR Rahman

Q9. In which online travel portal has Bollywood star Salman Khan taken a stake ? clue he is endorsing it also

 Ans. Yatra.com

Q10. Who has authored the book the “Coalition of competitors”  on how NASSCOM helped the Indian IT industry ?

Ans.  Kiran Karnik

Q 11. What new circular from Mamata Banerjee has created a furore of censorship in West Bengal ?

Ans.  Ban of english dailies from govt libraries

Q 12. Who has acquired Fidelity MF in India ?

Ans. L & T Finance Holdings

Q 13. Which international hotel chain’s properties in UK are likely to be taken over by an Indian property company ?

Ans. Marriott

Q 14. Which Hyderabad based infrra major is under threat of takeover by Essel group of Subash Chandra ?


Q 15. Many analysts in US have decided to exclude one co’s results from corporate earnings, bcos the co skews the results. Name the co.

Ans. Apple

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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