Weekly Business Quiz # 123

1. Where has Harvard Business School set up its classroom in Mumbai for Executive Education in India ?

Ans. Taj Land’s End, Mumbai

2. Why has Nestle India been hauled up for violating advt norms ?

Ans. The tins of Lactogen do not have warning reg Mother’s milk in Hindi and font size was small

3. Name the celebrity who endorses Fast track, Flying Machine jeans, Herbalife, Fair and Lovely for men, Sangam suitings etc.

Ans. Virat Kohli 

4. Connect Ventura, Mantra, RAHI, Turbo

Ans. Regional airlines started in India recently

5.What is the increased limit of free baggage allowance as per the recent budget ?
Ans. Rs 35000 from Rs 25000 earlier
6. Who has launched a special Tendulkar edition of a drink to honour Tendulkar 100th century ?
ImageAns. Coca Cola
7. Strayer University US has launched an 18 month Executive MBA delivered online in collaboration with a fmr CEO, now retired. Who ?
Ans. Jack Welch
8. After 244 years Encyclopedia Britannica has stopped recently. What reasons have been cited ?
Ans. Internet and Wikipedia
Thanks to all the visitors, readers and followers. We crossed 150, 000 hits last week. 
– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan



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