Weekly Business Quiz # 122

Q 1. L & T chief AM NAIK is writing his memoirs and it will be called V to W. Why ?

Ans. Village to World

Q 2. Who has launched a collection of digitally restored parallel cinema movie DVDs like Jaane Bhi Do … under the Cinemas of India label ?


Q 3. Which European country introduced a quota for women on boards of companies 10 years ago that has brought their share to 40 % now ?
Ans. Norway
Q4. As per LinkedIn which job title is the fastest growing among its members in US ?
Ans. Adjunct Professor
Q5. Name the Indian behind the Hollywood production house Hyde Park Entertainment that has produced Ghost Rider etc ?
Ans.Ashok Amritraj
Q6. In which Indian blue chip co a 72 year old is succeeded by a 67 year old veteran in the name of succession ?
Ans. L & T
Q7. Which is the first bank likely to deploy IBM Watson the supercomputer that had won Jeopardy ?
Ans. Citibank
Q8. As Rahul Dravid retires an old quiz question. Why is he nicknamed Jammy ?
Ans His father worked for Kissan Jams. He later endorsed it also.
Q9. Apple launched its latest version of iPad with retina display, quad core , LTE ready etc. What is it called ?
Ans. New iPad
Q 10. Who has acquired the insurance business of HSBC worldwide ?
Ans. Axa
Q11. Name this women’s cooperative that has 650 cr sales and exports of 29 cr. 
Ans. Lijjat
Q12. What is the new name for Android Market, the app store from Google ?
Ans. Google Play
Q 13. Name this Kraft brand that celebrates its 100th anniversary .
Ans. Oreo
Q 14.. What is an  MOOC in the sphere of online education ?
Ans. Massively Open Online Courses
Q 15. Which MNC has set up hair salons in its headquarters for its employees ?
Ans. Unilever
– Compiled by G.Mohan Twiiter handle @go_mohan

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