Weekly Business Quiz # 109

Q 1. For which publication did late Mario Miranda create such endearing characters like Miss Nimboopani, Miss Fonseca, Moonswami etc?

Ans. Illustrated weekly of India 

Q2. Tvc of which brand uses a very old S D Burman song on Maa ?

Ans.Fortune oil from Adani

 Q3. In the 70s Rekha appeared in the ad for which soft drink ?

Ans.  Gold spot.

Q4. Fill in the blank. Pranabda said the economy is difficult, but we dont have to eat __.

Ans.  Lizards

Q5. What are EMOJIs ?

Ans. These are graphic symbols in smart phones to express emotions. Next generation emoticons.

 Q6. After seeing a decline in the Oct IIP numbers which agency may lose its contract to compute IIP ?

Ans. Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy ( CMIE )

Q7. Why have the automobile cos purchased large quantity of platinum ?

Ans. Catalytic converters

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

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