Weekly Business Quiz # 110

Q1 Which co has decided to withdraw its logo from London Olympics after protests from many incl india ?
Ans. Dow chemicals
Q2 Which two brands have eaten into the market share of Britannia in biscuits recently ?
Ans. Oreo and Sunfeast
Q3. Connect Lee Iacocca Steve Jobs and now the RIM Co CEOs ?
Ans. All took 1 $ salary as CEOs of loss-making cos
Q4. Who has authored the marketing book CULT which even Steve Jobs would have loved ? Alas Jobs is not alive to refute it!
Ans. Arindam Chaudhuri
Q5. Name this nearly 300 year old brand that is the first name in Cognac
Ans. Remy Martin
Q6. Which hot internet gaming company had a lukewarm IPO recently ?
Ans. Zynga of Farmville fame
Q7. Using what example has Rahul Gandhi tried to explain the benefits of FDI in retail to the farmers in UP ?
Ans. Converting potato into Potato chips is remunerative
Q8. Who is the new Union Civil Aviation minister ?
Ans. Ajit Singh
Q9. Which car co owns the web-site http://www.thinkblue.co.in ?
Ans. Volkswagen
Q10. As per the New Companies Act how many persons are required minimum to start a company ?
Ans. One
Q11. Which star channel is closing down and being relaunched as LIFE OK ?
Ans Star One
Q12. What is unique about RANG DE
Ans. A onlne microlending co that collects voluntary contributions from many to lend

Q13. Which popular tool was created by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin in the ’80s and later acquired by MS for 14m $. It was also the first to receive VC funding from Apple ?
Q14. Expand HDMI ?
Ans.High Definition Multi-media interface
Q15. Richard Branson has described his unrelated businesses as based on a growth philosophy of ABCD. What is ABCD ?
Ans.Always Be Connected Dots

Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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