Weekly Business Quiz # 108

Q1. How did the Dev Anand production house Navketan get its name ?

Ans. Named after Chetan Anand’s son Ketan

Q2. Which indian businessman has just released his auto biography titled WHATEVER THE ODDS ?

Ans.  KP Singh of DLF

Q3 .Which co was called as ‘the No.1 wholesale seller of plumbing supplies’ by NYT mockingly?

Ans.  Microsoft

Q4. Which is the first indian brand of jewellery to be sold at Harrod’s London

Ans. Amrapali’s

Q5. In a case filed by SAS a European court has ruled that a programming language cannot be copyrighted. Why ?

Ans. Programming language has been compared to a language

Q6. Recently a car Honda Brio loved you back. Now a snack loves you back. Name the brand.

Ans. Britannia Nutrichoice snacks 

 Q7. KHALO EVERY , KHALO EVERY, KHALO EVERYDAY set to KOLAVERI rhythm is an ad from which brand ?

Ans. Amul butter

Q8. Connect Equis, AMBA, AASCB …

Ans. All are B-School certifications  for Europe, UK and US respectively

Q9. Who has Amul sued for copyright issues for use of A+ ?

Ans. Nestle

– Compiled by G.Mohan @ go_mohan


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