Weekly Business Quiz # 73

 Q 1. In which popular TV reality show the host Donald Trump in US and Lord Alan Sugar on BBC uses the phrase ” You’re fired ” ?

Ans. The apprentice

  Q2. Which product has a cricket inspired slogan ” When the match ends, your game begins ” ?

Ans. Axe Googly 

  Q3. Henry Ford said you can have any color you want as long as it is black.Ford is not accepting any orders for black cars temporarily. Why?

Ans.  Supply chain problems due to  japan earthquake

 Q4. As Ponting resigns as Australian captainand betting is high on the IND PAK match, define a PUNTER ?

Ans.  One who bets 

Q5. With whom has the LIC mutual fund tied up ?

Ans. Nomura

  Q6. Ashok Leyland in collaboration with NISSAN has launched LCVs in comp to TATA ACE. Name it.

Ans. Dost

  Q7.  As its high profile chairman OP BHATT retires he will be inaugurating an ATM in MUMBAI. How many ATMs SBI has now ?

Ans.  25,000

  Q8. Why will the Vodafone pug no longer chase its pug faced Indian owner wherever he goes ?

Ans. Essar has sold its stake in Vodafone India to Vodafone

  Q9. The 2011 census has shocking sex ratio. 914 females to 1000 males 0-6 age group. What device has aided this despite sex determination bans ?

Ans. Mobile ultrasound 

Q10. Which two centres of gambling earn more revenue from the casino business than Las Vegas ?

Ans. Macau and Singapore
Q11. Which co was founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943 to allow “people with limited means to furnish their houses like rich people” ?
Ans.  IKEA
Q12. If Scotch is a whisky, which drink is also known as WHISKEY ?
 Q13. What is Oracle offering in ‘cash for clunkers’ scheme in exchange for HP Superdome servers, depicting them as industrial waste ?
Ans. Sun servers
Q14. Which Bollywood actress will appear first as a Barbie doll from Mattel ?
Ans. Katrina kaif
 Q15. What is smart order routing in stock trading ?
Ans. A software that helps route the order to the right stock exchange NSE or BSE based on the prices.
 Q16. As per a co policy, utterance of what phrase in BLACKBERRY maker RIM would invite a penalty of treating doughnuts to all employees ?
Ans.Stock price
– Compiled by G.Mohan twitter handle @go_mohan

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