Weekly Business Quiz # 72

Q 1. Maxximo Gio Genio are pick up trucks from which stable ?

Ans. Mahindra

Q2. WIPRO new CEO has signed what clause where in he will receive 12 months pay additionally if he is fired like his predecessors?

Ans.  Severance pay

Q3. As one indian american mgmt consultant resigns from boards another Shumeet Banerji joins HP board. He is CEO of which firm ?

Ans. Booz & Co

Q4. What has led Gartner to revise the growth rate of PC sales downwards from 16% to 10.5 % in 2011 ?

Ans. Success of iPad and other tablet computers

Q5. When there was no electricity, net or computers , how was the Ishinomaki Hibi Shimbun newspaper brought out after earthquake ?

Ans.  Hand written

Q6. In which chain of fine dining restaurants in india can guests ask for reading glasses or shawls if they need ?

Ans. Mainland China

Q7. What is unique about a new passion pill for men named LEVITRA from BAYER ?

Ans.  These melt in the mouth

Q8. Name the business leader who has donated 1540cr eq to his entire personal share in the company to his foundation. Hats off.

Ans  GM RAO of GMR

Q9. Who said ‘It’s better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out better associates and you’ll drift in that direction,’?

Ans.  Warren Buffett

Q10. Which popular service started its life as BACKRUB ?

Ans.  GOOGLE search engine

Q11. Why as a policy Warren Buffett never paid dividends or bought back shares of his co Berkshire ?

Ans. He believes the co manages shareholders money better

Q 12. IIT KGP, HBS, IBM, McKinsey and now President of Berkshire Hathaway. Potential successor of Warren Buffett. Name him.

Ans. Ajit Jain

Q 13. In 1960 Liz Taylor was paid the highest amount ever paid to any actor for playing Cleopatra. How much ? Liz RIP.

Ans. 1 million $

Q14. Situations advertising is a 200 cr agency with accounts like Jyothy labs, everest masala, Yardley etc. Which restaurateur owns it ?

Ans. Anjan Chatterjee of Mainland China and Oh ! Calcutta fame

Q15.Which product has a cricket inspired slogan ” When the match ends, your game begins ” ?

Ans. Axe Googly

Q16. In which popular TV reality show the host Donald Trump in US and Lord Alan Sugar on BBC uses the phrase ” You’re fired ” ?

Ans. The Apprentice

Q17.  Where will be the first indigenous 500MW fast breeder reactor set up in india ?


Q18.  Which airline has announced fare cuts of 15 % in major domestic routes triggering a price war ?

Ans. Air india

Q19.  Name the indian billionaire IPLteam owner who has bought tickets worth 5 cr for self and guests for world cup finals

Ans. Mukesh Ambani

Q20. Yet another Buffett nugget If i were not doing what i am doing,I would probably be a  ______ ? Fill in the blank.

Ans.  journalist

Q21. What technology helps a customer executive  in a YES BANK branch to know the details of the customer on PC as he walks in without keying any no. or swiping a card?

Ans.  RFID in the debit card

Q22. What asset class is Buffett talking ‘i dont like it. All the 7Trillion$ worth can be kept in a room of 67 cu.ft. Returns come from price rise only ‘?

Ans. Gold

Q23.  Which indian singer composer has started an online music academy in US ?

Ans. Shankar Mahadevan

– Compiled by G.Mohan twitter handle @go_mohan


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