Weekly Business Quiz # 74

Q1. If Scotch is a whisky, which drink is also known as WHISKEY ( note the spelling) ?


Q2. As per a co policy, utterance of what phrase in BLACKBERRY would invite a penalty of treating doughnuts to all employees ?

 Ans. Stock price

Q3. In Chennai under what brand name has HUL launched health drinks that are fruit juices mixed with soya ?

 Ans. Kissan

Q4. With which celebrity would you associate the perfumes PASSION, WHITE DIAMONDS, VIOLET EYES ?

Ans. Elizabeth Taylor

Q5. Which internet major has started a service where tunes can be bought and stored on the cloud and accessed from any device ?

Ans. Amazon.com

Q6. Who has acquired National Semiconductor to become the third largest chip co behind INTEL and SAMSUNG ?

 Ans. Texas instruments

Q7. Which IT sector veteran has started a new IT services co having a quaint name HAPPIEST MINDS (sounds like a KG school)?

Ans. Ashok Soota

Q8. Which hotel chain owns the luxury hotel brand WALDORF ASTORIA ?

Ans. Hilton

Q9. Marking the decline of Nokia and the rise of others in smartphones which Taiwanese mfr now has a higher market cap than Nokia ?

Ans. HTC

Q10. A new book FROM BRINK OF BANKRUPTCY is a candid account of which indian blue chip of yesteryears by its owner ?

Ans. On DCM by Vinay Bharat Ram

Q11. Sun pharma, Ranbaxy, Dr Reddy’s besides being large pharma companies have one more thing in common?

Ans. All were part of  BSE SENSEX some time and later removed

Q12. Name the indian retail pioneer who built SPENCERS, FOODWORLD, RELIANCE RETAIL and later joined FUTURE GROUP. He died y’day.

Ans. Raghu Pillai

Q13. Name this maverick activist, in news along with Anna Hazare ,who started his career as a lecturer of business management in ’63.

Ans. Swami Agnivesh

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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