Weekly Business Quiz # 76

Q1. Former Sony chairman Noria Ohga died recently. He created the audio CD. Why did he insist the CD should play 75 mins.?

Ans. Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony was 75 mins long. He was a big fan of classical music

Q2. Which co has asked its ind. directors to return the excess remuneration paid to them by the previous mgmt to keep their mouth shut ?

Ans.  Mahindra Satyam

Q3. Why is Britain expected to have a huge surge in tourist traffic in the weekend starting april 29th ?

Ans.William Kate royal wedding

Q4. Crown Jewels is presented in a heirloom collectors box. CJ- the strength of a prince with the yielding sensitivity of a princess to be What is crown Jewels?

Ans. condoms

Q5. Name the two indian businessmen who figure in the TIME list of most influential persons of 2010 in the world.


Q6. Name the central registry created to check home loan frauds in india .


Q7. Who has bought 51 % stake in Tata Steel subsidiary Tata Refractories ?

Ans.  Nippon steel

Q8. As gold crosses 1500$ mark recall the price of gold in 2006. a. Below 500$ b. > 500 & < 750 c. > 750 & < 1000 d. > 1000&< 1250

Ans b. around 600 $

Q9. Gautam Doshi, Surendra Pipara and Hari Nair high profile occupants of Tihar Jail. To which business house they belong ?

Ans. Reliance ADAG

Q10. As per a PwC study of 37 indian companies across sectors what is the average annual remuneration paid to an employee ?

Ans.  Rs 4.8 lakhs p.a

Q11. What is ‘INDIA + 1’ model of software outsourcing ?

Ans.  A de-risking strategy to outsource to one more country in addition to India

Q12. Which corporate group having a hotel business is seen as a big takeover threat by Oberoi and Leela groups ?

Ans. ITC

Q13. In the Education First -english proficiency index published recently india is ranked 30th. What is china’s rank ?

Ans. 29th

Q14. Pitchinvasion.in is an internet radio station having alt commentary on IPL promoted by Anupam Mukherji.Why he became famous in IPL -2 in ’09?

Ans. The Fakeiplplayer blog

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan



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