Weekly Business Quiz # 71

A week after the Japanese earthquake, you will find a few questions related to the quake. Although this quiz is based on  trivia, it has no intention to trivialize the strength of mother nature nor the suffering and fortitude of the Japanese people. This edition of the quiz is a prayer for Japan.

Q1.  ICANN the agency that manages the domain names on internet has introduced a new suffix .xxx . What does the suffix indicate?

Ans Adult or porn site

Q2.  Which international logistics co was started by two teenagers Jim Casey and Claude Ryan with two bicycles and one phone in 1907 at Seattle ?

Ans.  UPS

Q3.  In which business are Wardrobe, Pressto Jyothy Fabricare. White tiger a few of the organised sector players?

Ans. Laundry services

Q4.   On the radiation scale the FUKUSHIMA nuclear reactor radiations have been saved as 5. How much was Chernobyl ?

Ans. Seven

Q5. Tonight the moon will appear 30% larger as it is at its perigee and its a full moon day. This has come after 18yrs. Name this phenomenon

Ans. Supermoon

Q6. A book studying  a tribe of lower caste muslim jihadi women operating out of Kashmir and targetting RSS would be my ___ says publisher RUKUN ADVANI. Name the bestseller which will fill the blanks. ?

Ans. Davinci code

Q7. Which is the first state in india to announce an unemployment dole of 1200 pm to those who passed Class 12 ?

Ans. GOA

Q8. Australian MANTRA RESOURCES’ shares tanked in Toronto SE because Russian ARMZ called off uranium deal. Why did the Russians call off the deal ?

Ans. Japan earthquake. After the quake nuclear power business has become uncertain.

Q9. Goldman Sachs is acquiring an indian AMC which is a pioneer and the biggest in the ETF business. Name it.


Q10. Name the singing star who raised $250K in 48 hrs from Twitter followers by selling a band saying WE PRAY FOR JAPAN at 5$ each.


Q11. For the first time the phrase ‘skyscraper’ was used for a tall building in Chicago in the late 19th century. How many storeys ?

Ans.  Ten

Q12. Where in the Konkan coast a mega nuclear power plant planned is now in news as it is in seismic zone 3?

Ans. Jaitapur

Q13. Chairman and CEO of which global tech major is matching every donation of 10$ made for Japan thru twitter upto a max of100,000 $?

Ans.  Eric Schmidt

Q 14. NIKKEI and TOPIX are indices related to which country’s stock market ?


Q 15. In which telecom service provider do the Reddys of Apollo hospitals have a 26 % stake ? 

Ans. Aircel

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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