Weekly Business Quiz # 60

Q 1How does Coal India propose to finance the purchase of an old house in South Africa occupied by Mahatma Gandhi in 1908-10 ?

Ans. One day’s salary of employees

Q2. What innovation did SONY do in its digital SLR cameras in 2010 that is considered a breakthrough?

Ans. No mirror inside.

Q3. How do we know Bombay Oil industries today ?

Ans. Marico industries

Q4. In which country people are using lemonade to flush toilets because of the water crisis ?

Ans. Ireland

Q5. As per LINKEDIN where should one avoid use of words like ‘dynamic, innovative, team player etc. ?

Ans. In one’s CV

Q6. As per the Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal,what change in policy will pave way for corp. to enter education sector in a big way ?

Ans. They can set up educational institutes as Section 25 cos.

Q7. SRK popularized the use of the phrase “six pack”. Now which packaging firm is using using SIX LAYER packs to promote itself ?


Q8. What is the key function of NANO GANESH, an innovation by Santosh Ostwal of Pune ?

Ans. Nano Ganesh is an electronic device to switch on and off a pump remotely for a farmer

Q9. After June 2011 what will be the smallest denomination of coins that will be legal tender in India ?

Ans. 50p

Q10. Expand BHAG. A term made famous by mgmt author Jim Collins.

Ans. Big hairy audacious goal

Q11. Which well known French philosopher-scientist is credited with the first ever urban bus service ?

Ans. Blaise Pascal

Q12. With which car brand would you associate the word ‘joy’ ?

Ans. BMW

Q13. Under what head has a lady Supreme Court judge in her declaration about her finances put her unmarried daughters ?

Ans. liabilities

Q14. For which TVC directed by Prahlad Kakkar did Sachin refuse to hit a cricket ball with a fly swatter citing it’s insulting to the game?


– Compiled by G.Mohan



    • sorry .. the answer is correct.. 25 paise will be scraped off from usage .. so the 50 paise will be the smallest denomination…


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