Weekly Business Quiz # 61

Q1. “Suswagatham” was the one word SMS from Guj CM Modi to Ratan Tata. What resulted out of this message ?

Ans. Nano project moved from Singur to Sanand

Q2. In order to bring in gender neutrality US has decided to replace mother and father in the passports. What will figure instead ?

Ans. Parent 1 & Parent  2

Q3. Which Hollywood studio produced the small budget film PHAS GAYE RE OBAMA?

Ans. Warner Bros.

Q4. Who is the major supplier of coaches to DELHI METRO ?

Ans. Bombardier

Q5. Thanks to the auctions which Mumbai indians player will now be paid higher than Sachin aai,. la ?

Ans. Rohit Sharma

Q6. Of which global tech co is Shantanu Narayan the CEO of ?

Ans.  Adobe

Q7. Where is the player auctions for IPL 4 being conducted today ?

Ans.  ITC Gardenia Bangalore

Q8. Why have cooking pastes from Dabur Nestle reported 60% growth in sales last month ?

Ans. Pastes were cheaper than buying veg

Q9. OREO vs TREAT-O which two companies are fighting over trademark issues ?

Ans. Kraft vs Britannia

Q10. In the recent book ‘Working together’ by Michael Eisner who is quoted as ‘I have done nothing solo except take tests ‘ ?

Ans. Bill Gates

Q11. Which former ace bowler captain has named his business venture as TENVIC ? Clue 10 wickets

Ans. Anil Kumble

Q12. In what business is the indian ecommerce portal strapsandstrings.com ?

Ans. Lingerie retailing

Q13. Who has launched india’s first sports phone under licence  from Ducati having compass, pedometer, altimeter etc?

Ans. Videocon

– Compiled by G.Mohan


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