Weekly Business Quiz # 58

Q1. ‘I am a bloody fool’ says Tarun Das for his loose talk caught in Radia Tapes. Which industry body did he head ?

Ans. CII

Q2. After completing 25 years in which TV channel has ‘Larry King live’ bid goodbye ?

Ans.  CNN

Q3. What new feature in Barbie doll has FBI and parents up in arms against Mattel ?

Ans. A hidden video camera

Q4. Raga, Nebula, Edge, Fastrack are sub brands of which indian brand ?

Ans. Titan

Q5.  What is the hot new game played on ipad, android or iphone of birds and pigs ?

Ans. Angry birds

Q6. Name the TIME person of the year 2010.

Ans. Mark Zuckerberg of facebook

Q7. What is the reason cited by Sachin Tendulkar for refusing a record endorsement deal for a liquor brand ?

Ans. His promise to father that he will not endorse liquor or cigarettes

Q8. France has introduced a new levy popularly called ‘GOOGLE TAX’. What is it ?

Ans. 1% tax on online advertising

– Compiled by G.Mohan


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