Weekly Business Quiz # 57

Q1. Which group is behind the new english magazine INSPIRE ? Think laterally.

Ans. Al Qaeda

Q2. What is the snack of aquatic bacteria Halomonas Titanicae ?

Ans.  Wreckage of Titanic

Q3 .Which is the first coffee chain in india to have a lounge serving beer and wine ?

Ans. Barista

Q4. What is the theme of this year’s ‘india corporate week’ celebrated by ministry of corp affairs, GOI ?

Ans. Sustainability

Q5. Despite a higher bid to whom did Emami lose out in the race for PARAS pharma ?

Ans. Reckitt Benckiser

Q6. From data centres of which well known web site was wikileaks removed under pressure from US govt ?

Ans. Amazon

Q7. Name the indian businessman who is slated to join the board of UNILEVER plc as an independent director ?

Ans. Sunil Mittal

Q8. Name the premium japanese brand of crockery which is being sourced by Ambanis from Sri Lanka ?

Ans. Noritake

Q9. After being hit on his face and snatched of his expensive HUBLOT watch who has become its brand ambassador ?

Ans. Bernie Ecclestone of formula 1





– Compiled by G.Mohan


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