Weekly Business Quiz # 56

Q1. Why have all the major cigarette factories in India stopped production for the last 2 days ?

Ans. Govt’s notice on warning pics on pkt not clear

Q2. Which state proposes to launch a Right to service act a first of its kind ?

Ans. Bihar

Q3. Godrej is acquiring the FMCG brands GENTEEL and SWASTIK SHIKAKAI from the Kothari family. Who were the original creators of them

Ans. Sarabhais

Q4. India is no 2 in most emigrants. What is india’s rank globally in receiving immigrants ?

Ans. No 10

Q5. Which car model is fast replacing Ambassador as the official car for ministers, bureaucrats, generals ?

Ans. Maruti sx4

Q6. In which indian city a LITTLE KOREA colony is coming up thanks to 170 korean cos setting up shop there ?

Ans. Chennai

Q7. What is the service of GROUPONS the site acquired by Google for over 5 b $ ?

Ans. Free coupons for groups to get discounts in retail sites

Q8. With no formal academic qual what pioneering inst did Dasharath Patel create ? He passed away y’day.

Ans. National institute of design Ahmedabad

Q9. From whom has the RPG group acquired the global rights for marketing under the CEAT brand ?

Ans. Pirelli of Italy

Q10. What does Harsh Mariwala of Marico find wrong with engineer MBAs ?
Ans.  Left brained and process driven
Q11. Why Julian Assange is being feted and called the Journalist of the year that too without writing a word. ?
Ans. Wikileaks

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