Weekly Business Quiz # 55

Q1. Why do farmers love the fungus MYCORRHIZA ?

Ans.  These fungii helps roots to rejuvenate

Q2. In India where economy and value for money are often used as USPs, a small car is promoted as being ‘fittingly expensive’. Name it.

Ans. VW Beetle

Q3. Dubbed as a cross between the VODAFONE and VIDEOCON logos which co now wants a name for its new logo a la NIKE’S Swoosh ?


Q4. Besides being brokers what is common to Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Uday Kotak, Vallabh Bhansali and Manish Chokhani ?

Ans. All from the same school Hindi Viya Bhavan in Marine Lines

Q5. As per Niira Radia who files the highest income tax returns amongst journalists ?

Ans.  Udayan Mukherjee of CNBC. paid Rs 6cr tax last year

Q6.Who signed the first ever US patent in 1790 issued to Samuel Hopkins ?

Ans. George Washington

Q7. Connect Carrier , OTIS, Sikorsky and Pratt and Whitney to a Fortune 500 company

Ans. United Technologies

Q8. British PM wants to measure the Happiness Index of UK. Who has inspired him for the it ?

Ans Amartya Sen

Q9. Which popular personal finance TV host signs off with ‘People first, then money, then things’ ?

Ans.  Suze orman on CNBC

Q10. Which term traces its origin to Willard Hotel Washington where President Ulysses Grant met people to discuss policy matters ?

Ans. Lobbying

Q11. Which co has launched a new 3-in-1 suit fabric called HATRIC that has the best of cotton, silk and polyester ?

Ans. Arvind

Q12. Praful Patel is charging airlines of ‘predatory pricing’. What does it mean ?

Ans. Anti competitive measure of pricing products at low prices

Q12. CEO of which housing finance co has been arrested in the ‘cash for loans ‘ scam ?

Ans. LIC housing finance

Q13. Which city is the first to launch mobile number portability (MNP) in the country ?

Ans. Rohtak

Q14. Which drink brand owned by Nestle is being launched in India by Coca cola ?

Ans. Nestea iced tea

Q15. Which well known international media house has launched its first magazine in india KNOWLEDGE ?

Ans. BBC

Visual Quiz

Identify these mascots and the brands they are associated with. Answers as comments.

Brands and their mascots
Asian Paints – Gattu, Amul Moppet, McDonalds -Ronald Mcdonald, Kelloggs-Cornelius the Rooster

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