Weekly Business Quiz # 42

Q1.Peter Bentley of London has developed an app for iPhone which is a rage among doctors. What does the application do ?

Ans. Makes the phone a stethoscope

Q2. Which two PSUs have come together to start a power equipment manufacturing facility in Mannavaram , Chittoor AP?


Q3.  ‘____ are the Unilever of the entertainment industry. They make the rules and others have to follow ‘ says an industry insider. Fill the blank.

Ans. T-series.

Q4. In Hindi this word means a shoddy temporary fix. Now it is being touted by gurus as the indian way of innovation. Identify this word.

Ans. Jugaad

 Q5. Name this co founder of microsoft who has sued cos like GOOGLE AMAZON APPLE etc. for patent violation ?

Ans. Paul Allen

Q6. Who is the long standing engine supplier of Boeing, delays from his side is delaying the 787 project ?

Ans. Rolls Royce

Q7. In which TV ad you will see a clone of Yuvraj Singh huff and puff on a treadmill, taking a dig at REVITAL ?

Ans. Supractiv

Q8. Starting today what is the new name of State Bank of Indore ?

Ans. State Bank of  India

Q9. In trucks you will often find “OK TATA’ painted , a free ad for TATA trucks . A new brand of  truck has been launched that says ‘ OK is no longer OK’. Name it.

Ans. Mahindra Navistar

Q10. ”Exhaled air’ of which celebrity couple was sold on ebay for $523 ?

Ans.  Brangelina

Q11. Name this hottest social gaming co founded by Mark Pincus. The co is named after his dog. Clue- Farmville

Ans. Zynga

Q12. With which brand of sportswear has the world record holder sprinter Usain Bolt signed up making him the richest athlete ever ?

Ans. Puma


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