Weekly Business Quiz #41

1. For which brand has Roger Federer shot a TV commercial where he hits a bottle on a mans head with a tennis shot?

Ans. Gillette

2. Which two famous beer brands are owned by the Australian co. Carlton and United Breweries ?

Ans. Victoria Bitter and Foster’s

3. Which brand has won the rights for sponsoring the indian cricket team for the next three years in all the three formats ?

Ans. Airtel

4. For which brand do two unusual celebrities endorse Shabana Azmi and K Srikkanth ?

Ans. Varilux lenses

5. Arrange the following in increasing order of their sales in US paperbacks. Hardcovers, e-books ….

Ans. 3.hardcovers 2.ebooks 1.paperbacks

6. What is the advice given by GOOGLE CEO to the youth to remove trail of their data in social media ?

Ans.  Change your name on becoming an adult

7. Connect Gazel, Escort, Padmini, Cielo, Uno Baleno ….

Ans. these car models have been since discontinued by mfrs.

8. What is a non-compete fee in acquisitions ?

Ans.  A premium said by the acquirer for not entering the same business for a fixed time

9. Which co is india’s largest private sector employer ?

Ans. TCS with 163,000 indian population. global impact

10. Name the new stock exchange floated by PSU banks and private banks and BSE. It will start trading in currency derivatives.

Ans. United Stock Exch.

11. Why are the jewellers in Kerala crazy about the number 916 ?

Ans. 916 stands for 22 carat gold 91.6 % purity

12. Based on last quarter figures which country has overtaken japan to become the second largest economy?

Ans. China

13. A co. found that it was cheaper to put half page ads in classifieds than main paper. This forced newspapers to change. Name it.

Ans.  SU-KAM


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