Weekly Business Quiz # 40

Q 1. In power sector what is a regulatory asset ?

Ans. Accumulated losses approved by regulator for tariff calculations

Q2. Amartya Sen ko gussa kyon aata hai ! Why is Amartya Sen angry with Facebook ?

Ans. Identity theft.

Q3. HUL is extending its distribution reach through ‘SHAKTIMAN’s. Who is a shaktiman ?

Ans. A distributor of HUL goods who will use cycle to reach villages below 2000 population

Q4. Which luxury brand is credited with the creation of the ‘gaberdine’ fabric ?

Ans. Burberry

Q5. Armani has sub-brands. What is the difference between Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani ?

Ans. Giorgio is for 35-50 age group and Emporio for 25-35

Q6. What was the price of a car in 1947 when india got independence ?

Ans. Rs 350

Q7. Yesterday was Friday the 13th.What is the fear of number 13 called ?

Ans. Triskaidekaphobia

Q8. Signature tune for which indian telecom service has become the world’s most popular mobile music download?

Ans. Airtel, composed by AR Rahman

Q9. Mahindra will soon take over the Korean auto co Ssangyong. They are not the first.Name the first Indian auto co in Korea.

Ans. Tata motors  acquired Daewoo Heavy Comml Vehicles

Q10. Why is the Canadian co Research in Motion (RIM ) in the news in India?

Ans. Their Blackberry services are not in line with Indian security stds

Q11. Vinay Deolalikar an IIT alum claims to have solved a big maths problem ‘P is not equal to NP”. He is associated with which co. ?

Ans.  HP labs

Q12. Why are airport authorities not in good terms with the”King of good times” ?

Ans. outstandings have mounted

Q13. Which city proposes to become an alt. to Greenwich meridien by building the world’s largest clock ?

Ans. Mecca in Saudi Arabia

Q14. What calamity in Russia is likely to cause huge losses amounting to over 15 b $ ?

Ans. Heat wave due to forest fires

Q15. Mughai-e-azam at Rs.12 crores was the costliest movie made 50 years ago. Which business group had financed it ?

Ans. Shapurji Pallonji group

Q16. A US senator has called Infy and other indian cos as ‘chop shops’. What is a chop shop ?

Ans. A shop where stolen car is chopped & sold in parts

Q17. What does Ratan Tata propose to do post retirement (in lighter vein)?

Ans.Attend AGMs as audience and ask questions

-Compiled by G.Mohan


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