Weekly Business Quiz # 38

Q1. Which star of 2010 FIFA has appeared in his first TV ad for German super market chain REWE ?

Ans. Paul the octopus

Q2.As per Morgan stanley what are the newly emerging economies like Vietnam Bangladesh etc called ?

Ans. Frontier economies

Q3. As per TRAI guideline all bulk SMSes need to be prefixed with two alphabets like TA/AD/VM etc. Expand TA.

Ans.TATA ANDHRA (operator circle)

Q5. By what name was the commonwealth games known before ?

Ans. British empire games

Q6. Despite a large DRDO and ordnance factories setup approx. what % of india defence equipment are imported ?

Ans. 70%

Q7. Which brand has a new tag line ‘ JUST B’ ?

Ans. Bacardi

Q8. Who is the glue that connects GE, WIPRO. TPG and the new social medium Kineticglue ?

Ans. Vivek Paul

Q9. Connect Narayana Murthy, Vinod Khosla , ebay’s Omidyar to an Indian finance co.

Ans. SKS microfinance

Q10. Name the indian economist who has said that ‘privatisation by stealth’ has created many billionaires in india ?

Ans. Raghuram Rajan

Q11.Who has launched EKTAA brand of cereals like rice offering popular regional varieties all over india?

Ans.  Future group

Q12. Which Prof of Indian origin will take over as the dean of the prestigious Booth school of Business, Chicago Usa?

Ans. Prof Sunil Kumar

Q13. JRD Tata started a tradition in Bombay House of serving something with tea, it is followed even to this day. What ?

Ans. Khari biscuits

Q14. What is referred to as the THIRD SECTOR ?

Ans. Non profit org like charities. NGOs, trusts that are neither govt nor corporate.

Q15. Alleging overcharging by hospitals what move is being planned by health insurance cos. to cut costs ?

Ans. Direct purchase of drugs and devices

Q16. To which animation sitcom will Mohd Yunus of Grameen bank be lending his voice ?

Ans.  Simpsons

Q17.  Sandwich makers in Subway are called sandwich artists. Lavatory cleaners as sanitation consultants, in HR terms what is this practice ?

Ans. Title fluffing.

– Compiled by G.Mohan


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