Weekly Business Quiz # 39

Q1. After LSE, DSE, MSE which indian city will soon have a school of economics ?

Ans. Hyderabad

Q2. Cherry blossom is a shoe polish brand in india. In china however cherry blossom from L Occitane is different. What ?

Ans.  A range of body cosmetics

Q3. Why US senate proposes to inc substantially the H1 B & L1 fees that will hit the indian IT firms badly ?

Ans.  To fund security in Mexican border

Q4. L’oreal has launched a huge campaign for INOA. Expand INOA.

Ans. Innovation NO Ammonia for hair color

Q5. Which business tycoon, who wears his patriotism on his sleeve has inserted an emotional appeal to save the CW games ?

Ans.Subrata Roy Sahara

Q6. Which telecom provider is the first to do away with ‘postpaid’ and use the grammatically correct ‘postpay’ ?


Q7. How is Infosys & TVS group coming together by a marriage ?

Ans. Narayan Murthy’s son Rohan is getting married to TVS scion Lakshmi Srinivasan

Q8. In investment circles who is referred to as Mrs. Watanabe ?

Ans. A small investor ,often a housewife, speculating in currency.

Q9. Which two countries are common to BRIC, IBSA and BASIC ?

Ans. India and Brazil

Q10. Which state in India has made sports betting legal since May ’10?


Q11. In investment circles who is referred to as Mrs. Watanabe ?

Ans.  A small investor ,often a housewife, speculating in currency.

Q12. ‘Dhamaka’, ‘Dhamaal’ have been done to death. Now it is ‘Dhantenan” ( obviously inspired by Kaminey). Which car is being launched ?

Ans. Maruti  Alto k10

Q13. Which co has multiple brands of jewellery, all of them endorsed by leading film stars like Kareena, Katrina, Bipasha ?

Ans. Gitanjali

Q14. Business etiquette. In which country should you accept the business card with both hands, bow and express thanks ?

Ans. Japan . Korea too.

Q15. To which country do the chocolate brands Godiva, Nirvana, Neuhaus belong ?

Ans. Belgium

Q16. Name this iconic magazine that has been sold by Washington  Post to audio tycoon Sidney Harman.

Ans. Newsweek

Q17. Where is the ministry of corp affairs setting up Indian institute of corporate affairs?

Ans.  Manesar near Gurgaon

Q18. On which FI is the book ‘DEVIL’S CASINO’ by Vicky Ward based on ?

Ans. Lehman bros.

Compiled by G.Mohan


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