Weekly Business Quiz # 18

Q1. Connect Calvin Klein. Tommy Hilfiger, Arrow, Van Heusen.

Ans. All are brands owned by Phillips Van Heusen,US

Q2. On Youtube why is the video ‘Hitler goes for certifications’ a hit among Infosys staff?

Ans. It mocks INFY HR for promotion policy insisting certifications

Q3. Why do some 5 star hotels sell or gift pillows,towels mugs etc found in hotel rooms ?

Ans. To stop guests from taking them without asking.

Q4. What According to Giorgio Armani, the Italian designer, is the democracy of fashion ?

Ans. Jeans

Q5. With which IT major would you associate Zune music players and phones ?

Ans. Microsoft

Q6. Sales revenue per sq feet is a metric used to measure productivity in which industry?

Ans. Retail

Q7. A book on IPL titled GAMECHANGERS has been published by HARPER COLLINS.Name the author.

Ans. Fakeiplplayer. The controversial blogger of IPL-2

Q8. In IPO jargon what is ASBA?

Ans. Application supported by bid amount. money is transferred to issuer only to the extent of and after allotment

Q9.How can movie goers make money on the Cantors futures exchange ?

Ans. By placing bets on the box office perf of soon to be released movies

Q10. What service is provided by techpedia.com ?

Ans. A network of students of 300 engineering colleges across India. Industry can post problems here

Q11.South Korean President Lee Myung Bak headed a chaebol before he became President. Which one ?

Ans. Hyundai

Q 12. Pick the odd one out…..FIESTA, FOCUS. FORTUNER, FIGO, FUSION.

Ans. FORTUNER is from TOYOTA. Rest are FORD models

Q 13. Bill gates said ‘ If only I had only one wish for the next 50 years. It would be to invent the thing that halves the cost of ___ ?

Ans. CO2 (Carbon dioxide)


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