Weekly Business Quiz #19

Q1.Why are the private label tooth paste launched by Future group called SACH ?

Ans. It is co-created with SACHIN TENDULKAR

Q2. How did the drink PEPSI get its name ?

Ans. It originally contained PEPSIN, which aids digestion.

Q3. Name this innovative cricketing gear designed by Marcus Codrington Fernandez, a former creative director of O & M. Introduced in the IPL by Matthew Hayden.

Ans. Mongoose bat

Q4. Amazing Australia, Truly Asia Malaysia, Incredible India. Which country has the tagline ‘Where it all begins’?

Ans. Egypt

Q5. Which is believed to be the oldest mall in India ?

Ans. Spencer Plaza in Chennai which opened in 1863

Q6. Name the life insurance venture floated by Bank of Baroda, Andhra bank.and Legal & General.


Q7. Connect Keo Karpin, Dr B C Roy ( former West bengal CM), Pfizer and Ranbaxy with a co.

Ans. DEY’S Medical. Brand, owner, principal and agent in 1950s respectively

Q8. What innovation did William R Warner do in 1856 ?

Ans. Warner & co after many mergers is now part of Pfizer. Sugar coating process for tablets

Q9. In US in Feb’10, traffic in which site exceeded that on GOOGLE for the first time ?

Ans. Facebook

Q10. ‘A larger revolution than even in the telecom sector awaits us.’ says Kapil Sibal. What revolution is he talking about ?

Ans. Foreign universities in India

Q11. Analjit Slngh’s group is called the MAX group. Why ?

Ans. First letter of his parents’ names Mohan, Avtar and X for others.

Q12. In global pharma industry what are blockbuster and mega blockbuster drugs?

Ans. Drugs that have annual sales of over 1 bn $ and 10 bn $ respectively

Q13. On the 25th anniversary of BSP a garland estimated to be worth 2 to 5 Crore Rs. was put on Mayawati. What was it made of ?

Ans. 1000 rupee notes

– G.Mohan


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