Weekly Business Quiz # 16

Q1. Name the drug discovered by Felix Hoffman in 1899 when he found that a compound salicin found in willow plants is a pain reliever.


Q2. Who said ‘The three greatest leaders of the 20th century were Hitler. Stalin and Mao.’?

Ans. Peter Drucker on perils of having strong leaders

Q3.Connect Windows Phone 7, Nokia MeeGo, Samsung Bada, Google Android…

Ans.All are Operating systems for mobile phones

Q4. In tech lingo what is the ‘slashdot effect’ ?

Ans. Crashing of sites due to heavy user load after they get mentioned in slashdot.org

Q5.Which model turned movie-star models for FANTA, GARNIER, VIRGIN MOBILE etc. ?

Ans. Genelia D’Souza

Q 6.Adani group is in the news for customs evasion. Name the private port owned and operated by this group.

Ans.Mundra in Gujarat

Q7. Benchmark MF has launched india.’s first ETF linked to an overseas index. Which one ?

Ans. HANG SENG intl. Index of Hongkong

Q8. Name the compact bilingual – hindi and Eng -daily for the youth which is making waves in the Hindi belt.

Ans.  iNext

Q 9. Recently which popular service on radio has moved from 1539 khz to 828 khz?

Ans. Vividh Bharati. (Thanks Dhrubo).

Q 10. Name the brand of snacks which is awarding not only prize money but a share of sales for suggesting new flavours.

Ans. Lays

Q 11. LG has launched new model of cell phones for women which come in white, pink, pista green colors.Name it.

Ans.  LG icecream phones

Q 12. How has Mamata extended her slogan ‘maa,maati, manush’ to create 3 trains in rly. ?


Q 13. Church of England has sold its entire stake in Vedanta for non-fin reasons. What investment phil they follow?

Ans. Socially responsible investing

Q 14. Why has SRK decided to put KKR’S contract with LUX COZI on hold ?

Ans. Bcoz Kolkatans are protesting that Todi of LUX is behind Rizwanur murder


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