Weekly Business Quiz # 5

1. Which will be the first Indian Life insurance company to come out with an IPO ?

Ans. Reliance Life Insurance in Jan 2010

2. In India which sector has the largest number of women CEOs?

Ans. Banking and financial services.

3. In Rocket singh salesman of the year, the hero RANBIR KAPOOR’S name has initials of a well known computer brand ?

Ans. Harpreet – HP

4. Who was the first issuer of Traveller’s cheque in the year 1891 ?

Ans. American Express

5. Name this Bangalore HQ co which is the world’s largest producer of roses and world’s largest holder of greenhouse assets

Ans. Karuturi Global

6. Connect P & G, GODREJ and SARA LEE by a brand.

Ans. AMBI PUR. P and G has acq this brand from SARA Lee. In India GODREJ and SARA Lee JV sells Ambi Pur

7. The co founded by Konosuke Matsushita has acquired controlling stake in the co founded by his brother in law. Name the cos

Ans. Panasonic & Sanyo

8. Name the Indian auto brand which was identified with its category for decades, has decided to vacate it completely.

Ans. Bajaj scooters.

9. What is the new name of the Businessweek magazine ?

Ans. Bloomberg Businessweek. McGraw Hill sold the magazine to Bloomberg this October

10. What is UN Population fund’s prescription for combating global warming?

Ans. Free condoms!


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