Weekly Business Quiz # 4

1. What does JSW in JSW Steel and JSW Energy stand for?

Ans.  Jindal South West. After O P JINDAL divided his empire among his sons.this is Sajjan Jindal’s.

2. Volkswagen has just launched VW Beetle in India. All VW ads end with the slogan. “das auto.” What does it mean ?

Ans. THE CAR in German

3. Look closely. It is not SWATCH. It is SWACH (means pure in Hindi). It is not a watch. Yet  aims to be a game changer like the SWATCH. What is it ?

Ans.  Tata’s low cost water purifier to be retailed below Rs 1000.

4. Madison : advertising… Wall street: stock market…. Sand Hill Road : what ?

Ans.  Venture capital industry

5.  On Oct 2 2009, an airline put up an offer of US-IND-US return ticket at 40 $ on its web site. 2200 customers awailed it. Later withdrew it as a mistake and also dishonoured the offer. Name the airline.


6. As Deepak Parekh retires as the CEO of HDFC in Dec 2009. Tell in which bank was he working in London when his uncle the Late H.T.Parekh called him to join HDFC?


7. You know who is a Chairman. What about MAN CHAIR ?

Ans. A chair kept in the mall for the man to sit while his shopaholic wife/partner is busy

8. Who owns the ill fated Bhopal plant of UNION CARBIDE now ?


9. In Parliament when Sushma Swaraj commented CAT KO MOUSE KHA GAYA. What was she referring to. ?

Ans. The online CAT fiasco for the IIM entrance

10. Which Tech CEO after commenting about Twitter as ” a poor man’s email system” has started Twittering ?

Ans. Eric Schmidt of Google

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