Weekly Business Quiz # 646

Question # 1

Which company has launched an AI assistant named Copilot that will help the user of its popular software to automate some routine tasks?

Question # 2

Which two well known consumer appliances company have announced a merger via a stock swap ?

Question # 3

Who has bought the Silicon Valley Bank from FDIC and at what valuation ?

Question # 4

British entrepreneur and millionaire Jacqueline Gold passed away recently. She had pioneered virtually a new industry in UK with her retail chain Ann Summers. In what business was Ann Summers in ?

Question # 5

Which celebrity has replaced Virat Kohli as the most valued Indian celebrity brand ?

Question # 6

In which product category is Hoka making waves ?

Question # 7

Reliance has created a new company called Reliance SOU to setup hotels, resorts and service apartments. Expand SOU.


  1. Microsoft for their Office 365
  2. Crompton Greaves and Gandhimathi Appliances
  3. First Citizen Bank for 500 Mn $
  4. Sex toys
  5. Ranveer Singh
  6. Sports shoes
  7. Statue of unity

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