Weekly Business Quiz # 645

Question # 1

Under what brand name does Airtel market its Home Surveillance services that help apartment complexes in safety and security ?

Question # 2

UBS has decided to acquire Credit Suisse in an all stock deal brokered by Swiss govt. At what valuation approx in US $ is UBS acquiring this large bank with over 500 Bn $ in assets ?

Question # 3

Contingent convertibles are debt instruments primarily issued by European financial institutions. Contingent convertibles work in a fashion similar to traditional convertible bonds. They are similar to AT1 bonds in India. What is their popular name ?

Question # 4

After the recent bank failure of SIlicon Valley Bank yet another bank from California having similar client base was facing a crisis of confidence. To help stabilise the banking system large banks in US have come forward by giving 30 Bn $ in deposits to this bank. Name the bank

Question # 5

Which company is rolling out the Popeyes chain of QSRs in India ?

Question # 6

Which car major has acquired the Talegaon, Maharashtra plant of General Motors ?

Question # 7

In US, after the Silicon Valley Bank had a run on the bank, FDIC stepped in. FDIC is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp where banks insure deposits upto a max of 250,000 $ per depositor. What is the equivalent corporation and deposit limit in India ?

Question # 8

In the context of US banks, securities held by them are classified as AFS and HTM. Expand and explain AFS and HTM.

Question # 9

After MR Kumar’s tenure was not extended by the govt, who has been appointed as the interim Chairman of LIC of India ?

Question # 10

After Silicon Valley Bank, which other bank in US was closed down by the US authorities citing systemic risk to the US banking system ?

Question # 11

US President has appointed 2 Indian American CEOs in the Advisory Committee for trade policy and negotiations. Name them.

Question # 12

Who will succeed Sanjiv Mehta as the next MD and CEO of Hindustan Unilever ?


  1. Airtel XSafe
  2. Approx 2.5 Bn $
  3. CoCos
  4. First Republic Bank
  5. Jubiliant Foodworks
  6. Hyundai
  7. Deposit Insurance Credit Guarantee Corp , Rs 5 lakh
  8. Available for Sale ( AFS) and Held to Maturity (HTM)
  9. Sidharth Mohanty
  10. Signature Bank ( New York)
  11. Revathi Advaithi (CEO of Flex) and Manish Bapna (CEO of the Natural Resources Defence Council)
  12. Rohit Jawa

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