Weekly Business Quiz #647

Question # 1

Into how many operating companies is Alibaba being split into two make it more focused and agile ?

Question # 2

What is the inspiration for Pepsi’s new logo ?

Question # 3

To promote liquidity in the secondary market for corporate bonds, govt has approved a back stop fund that will buy investment grade bonds during times of distress as was seen in 2020. Which AMC will manage this back stop fund ?

Question # 4

Which group has acquired the troubled startup GoMechanic on a slump sale basis ?

Question # 5

With which Bollywood star has the beauty company Good Glamm group tied up to launch a men’s range under its Good Brand vertical ?

Question # 6

What word is the subject of a controversy between the Tamil Nadu govt and the Food regulator FSSAI in labelling a packet of curd ?

Question # 7

For how many months have some of the leaders and thinkers of the tech world like Elon Musk asked the AI research to be paused after GPT-4 through an appeal, citing the risks to humanity?

Question # 8

Which country has banned ChatGPT over privacy concerns ?

Question # 9

Bank of Bombay and Bombay International were some of the names proposed for which Indian private bank ?

Question # 10

Blue collar workers are those who work in factories. White collar workers are those working in offices. Who or what are grey-collar workers ?

Question # 11

As McDonalds goes about restructuring and cost cutting , it has announced layoffs of hundreds of its corporate employees. What somewhat unusual method it is adopting for the same ?

Question # 12

What is the decision announced by the Monetary Policy Committee of the RBI, after yesterday’s meeting regarding the interest rate ?

Question # 13

A X store is a brick-and-mortar location that has been shut down and turned into a center for fulfillment operations. These distribution outlets are not open to visitors, which allows more space for store inventory and the opportunity to quickly fulfill orders. What is X ?


  1. Six companies
  2. Going back to the ’90s era
  3. SBI Mutual Fund
  4. Lifelong Group
  5. Akshay Kumar
  6. The FSSAI is asking all co-operatives to use Dahi to depict curd, whereas Tamil Nadu insists they will use the Tamil word “Thayir”
  7. Six Months
  8. Italy
  9. HDFC Bank
  10. Elderly persons working beyond retirement age and hybrid (Blue & White) occupations like Hotels, IT, Medical, etc somewhere between Blue and White
  11. Asking corporate employees to do Work From Home and closing the offices and wait for the layoff announcement. This is being done to protect company data while giving dignity to the employees being laid off.
  12. The RBI MPC went for a pause in the interest rates. The interest rates remain unchanged.
  13. Dark stores

Compiled by G.Mohan

Twitter IndiaBusinessQuiz@go_mohan


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