Weekly Business Quiz #644

Based on the readers’ feedback, we have made a slight change .Please scroll down to see the answers.


Question #1

In which space are Bounce, Vogo and Yulu competitors ?

Question # 2

Which oral care brand has developed and taken a patent on recyclable tubes and recyclable toothbrushes ? It is an open patent and anyone can use it as it promotes sustainability as per its CEO

Question # 3

HUL has in response to the changing behaviour of consumers in the new age channels who ask for low volume per pack and high number of stock keeping units has set up factories that make batches of 50 kg to 209 kg. What are these factories called ?

Question # 4

Identify this couple whose wedding was attended by Softbank ‘s Masayoshi Son in Delhi recently.

Question # 5

On #InternationalWomensDay , identify this pioneering forensic scientist..She led the investigation into the 1993 Mumbai blasts. This led to an Act banning inflammable substances in public transport. A biopic will be made on her.

Question # 6

Which once well known chain of eye care hospitals has been acquired by ASG Hospitals through the bankruptcy court for over Rs 500 crore ?

Question # 7

Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi and his wife Maria have been banned by SEBI for a year to enter capital market because of their involvement as volume creators in share prices of two companies. Which are the two companies ?

Question # 8

Identify this businessperson and which was his startup that made him famous in the first dot-com boom.

Question # 9

In the Axis Mutual Fund front running case , name the former Chief Dealer whose nickname in the shady communications with other associates in Rajkot, Dubai etc over two years as ‘Jadugar’.

Question # 10

Identify this business leader, whose video speaking about Indian economic achievements went viral on social media


Question # 11

Which bank popular with the start ups in California has been shut down by the regulators and brought under FDIC which is the receiver ?

Question # 12

With which global hotel chain would you associate Gerard Pelisson who passed away recently at the age of 91 ?

Question # 13

What role has United Airlines given to the Muppet Oscar the Grouch ?

Question # 14

Barbara Martin Coppola is the Global CEO of which retailer ?


  1. Bike rentals
  2. Colgate
  3. Nano-factories
  4. Ritesh Agarwal of Oyo and Geetansha Sood
  5. Rukmini Krishnamurthy
  6. Vasan Eye-care
  7. Sharpline Broadcast Ltd and Sadhana Broadcast Ltd
  8. Sabeer Bhatia of Hotmail
  9. Viresh Joshi
  10. Deepak Bagla
  11. Silicon Valley Bank
  12. Accor
  13. Chief Trash Officer
  14. Decathlon

Compiled by

G.Mohan IndiaBusinessQuiz@go_mohan


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