Weekly Business Quiz # 639

Listen to this quiz as an audio file .. Weekly Business Quiz # 639.. This willl not play on desktops and laptops only..Sorry no mobile browsers.

Business Quiz questions based on the news and events during the 3rd week of January 2023.

Indian news

Question 1

According to Kapil Dev which is the one sportsperson according to him who has managed to stay true to both the sport and his endorsements ?

Answer : Daley Thompson

Question 2

During the recent India New Zealand ODI series , New Zealand players were displaying the logo of Kuhl in their jerseys..What is the product and the company behind Kuhl ?

Answer : New generation fans, Kent

Question 3

Who will take over from Prof Errol D’Souza as the next Director of IIM Ahmedabad ?

Answer : Prof Bharat Bhasker

Question 4

Tata Trusts that owns 66% of Tata Sons, the holding company of Tata Group. Who have been appointed as CEO and COO recently ?

Answer : Siddharth Sharma as CEO and Apparna Uppaluri effective April 1, 2023

Question 5

KL Rahul got married to Athiya Shetty recently …For which brand did they endorse together, even before their relationship was made public ?

Answer : Numi of Paris

Question 6

Amazon is launching its Prime Air , a private cargo service in India. India will be the only country outside of US and Europe. Which air carrier will be providing the planes for this service ?

Answer : Quikjet

Global News

Question 7

Niantic the makers of Pokemon Go, have launched a new augmented reality game that allows gamers to choose a favourite NBA Star as an avatar and get to meet and play others in the street. What is it called ?

Answer : NBA All-World

Compiled by G.Mohan

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