Weekly Business Quiz # 638


Q1. Manasi Tata has been appointed as the Vice Chairman of Toyota Kirloskar Motors..How did this fifth generation Kirloskar scion get the Tata surname ?

Ans. Manasi is married to Neville Tata, son of Noel Tata, who is Ratan Tata’s half brother

Q2. Recently , Ambani scion Anant got engaged to Radhika Merchant. In which company belonging to her family she is a Director ?

Ans. Encore Pharmaceuticals

Q3. Tata Technologies will soon come out with an IPO. This company is a subsidiary of which Tata major ?

Ans. Tata Motors

Q4. ITC has acquired 100% in Sproutlife Foods ..Which brand is this company known for ?

Ans. Yoga Bar


Q5. Which is the largest market for Electric Vehicles in the world now ? 7 out of every 10 EVs sold in the world are sold in this country.

Ans. China

Q6. Which major bank in US has been allegedly cheated by a Fintech startup called Frank that was in the business of providing education loans related services to students ?

Ans. JP Morgan Chase

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