Weekly Business Quiz # 633


Q1. Which Manhattan based investment firm has given a Rs 4 crore package to IIT Kanpur graduates in campus placement ? It had earlier employed Sam Bankman-Fried and Caroline Ellison of FTX and Alameda respectively.

Ans. Jane Street

Q2. India is expected to retain its position as the No 1 country to receive ‘Remittances’ globally this year also. What landmark amount is expected to be crossed in 2022 ?

Ans. 100 Bn $

Q3. Which well known global design consultancy is being hired by Air India to get a brand makeover ?

Ans. Futurebrands

Q4. Name this startup which is making new generation energy efficient appliances in old categories like fans, mixer grinders started by IIT Bombay alumni Manoj Meena and Shibam Das.

Ans. Atomberg Technologies

Q5. Singapore Airlines and Tatas have agreed to merge Air India and Vistara. What will be Singapore Airlines stake in the merged entity ?

Ans. 25.1%

Q6. Who has been appointed as the next CEO of Bombay Stock Exchange ?

Ans. Sundararaman Ramamurthy

Q7. The incumbent CEO of Mercedes Benz India.has said that the growth of luxury cars market is limited by which habit of Indians ?

Ans. SIPs ( Systematic Investment Plans) of Multual Funds

Q8. Who has bought the mutual fund business of L&T Finance Holdings ?

Ans. HSBC Mutual Fund

Q9. Toyota has launched its second hybrid car model in India. Which is their latest hybrid launch ?

Ans. Innova Hycross


Q10. Rolex for the first time is going to issue certificates of authenticity to second hand Rolex watches sold through their authorised dealers…What is the minimum age of the watch to qualify for getting the certification ?

Ans. 3 years

Q11. Name this India born XLRI alumnus who takes over as the Global Chief of HR at Procter and Gamble .

Ans. Bala Purushottaman

Q12. This is 29 year old Eugene Rochko. He is the only full time employee of the social network he created as a rival to Twitter six years ago. In recent times it has grown rapidly. Name the network.

Ans. Mastodon

Q13. This emoji is being used in the tech industry by employees as a sign of protest against employers. What is this emoji called ?

Ans. The saluting face emoji

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