Weekly Business Quiz # 634


Q1. Which Indian business group is launching a full range of FMCG products under the Independence brand ? The test launch started with Gujarat

Ans. Reliance Group

Q2. Yadadri temple at Yadagirigutta, near Hyderabad had an unusual vahana Puja to perform. A Puja for a brand new Airbus ACH 135 helicopter. The helicopter also did rounds of the temple, like parikrama. Who is the owner of this helicopter ?

Ans. B. Srinivas Rao, owner of Prathima group

Q3. Infosys recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. Here are the 7 original founders..The founders in the first two rows are well known , can you name the three founders in the last row ?

Ans. K.Dinesh, N.S.Raghavan and Ashok Arora

Q4. In what business is Karu Research started by college student Kartik Kumar, that is making waves in US ?

Ans. Apparel

Q5. Which company has acquired the cement, clinker and power plants business of JP Associates ?

Ans. Dalmia Bharat

Q6. Which company has acquired the kitchen appliances firm Sunflame Appliances ?

Ans. V-Guard Industries Ltd

Q7. Which venture capital companies have been blamed by veteran entrepreneur Kanwal Rekhi of spoiling the Indian startups to focus on growth at any cost instead of creating a profitable business ?

Ans. Tiger Global and Softbank

Q8. After successfully launching and building Aakash Institute and selling it to Byju’s , what new courses has Dr J C Chaudhry launched ?

Ans. Numerology

Q9. A multi-lingual film called Vijayanand is releasing shortly. It is a biopic of which businessman and which company did he establish ?

Ans. Vijay Sankeshwar and VRL Logistics Ltd


Q10. Among the many sanctions imposed by the western nations on Russian oil, what is the price-cap imposed by the west on Russian crude oil for it to be insured and carried in European oil tankers ?

Ans. 60 $ per barrel

Q11. Which tech major has built an AI programme called Cicero that has demonstrated human level abilities in the complex board game Diplomacy that requires analysis, communication and negotiation with other players ?

Ans. Meta

Q12. What is the new trial conducted by OpenAI called that is creating news about the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence ?

Ans. ChatGPT

Q13. Target , Lululemon and many other retailers call their customers as guests. Which was the first company that started calling their customers as ‘guests” way back in 1955 ?

Ans. Disney with Disneyland

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