Weekly Business Quiz # 632


Q 1. Which Tata Group Co will be acquiring the Bisleri International business in an outright purchase for between Rs 6000-7000 crore ?

Ans. Tata Consumer Products Ltd

Q2. Which landmark brand from Parle Products crossed the US 1 Bn $ sales mark recently ?

Ans. Parle-G

Q3. As per Open Door report based on data sourced from US Department of State, the Indian students population in US universities is at a record high. What % of students are Indian in the US universities ?

Ans. 21 %

Q4. Which Japanese beer maker has taken a 20% stake in the Indian craft beer maker Bira 91 ?

Ans. Kirin

Q5. Businessman Areez Pirojsha Khambhatta passed away today. Which iconic product and brand popular in the 1970s and 1970s was created by him ?

Ans. Rasna ( the juice concentrate )

Q6. Tatas are launching a chain of cosmetics outlets where they will market imported brands of luxury cosmetics using ‘beauty tech’. How will technology play a role in this business ?

Ans. Beauty tech is driven by IoT and AI. Augmented reality beauty apps let users try every type of lipstick a company makes in minutes without ever entering a store. It also includes digital skin .

Q7. What is the new name of IIFL Wealth and Asset Management ?

Ans. 360 One

Q8. Which US based food technology start up has acquired the beleaguered Sterling Biotech through the bankruptcy court ?

Ans. Perfect Day Inc

Q9. Reliance is building India’s first Multi modal Logistics Park. Where is it coming up ?

Ans. Chennai


Q10. On Thanksgiving Americans consume a lot of cranberry juice. Which brand of cranberry juice has a 70 % market share in the US market ? ( It is exempt from Anti-trust laws because it is produced by agri co-operative )

Ans. Ocean Spray

Q11 This Birkenstocks worn out sandals was recently sold in an auction for US $ 218,000. Who it belonged to ?

Ans. Steve Jobs

Q12. Where is the climate change summit COP-27 being held this year ?

Ans. Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt

Q13. At the end of COP 27, the delegates agreed to create a fund that will have contributions from all countries, particularly the rich countries to finance the poor countries who suffer losses due to climate change ?

Ans. Loss and Damage Fund

Q14. Who has replaced Bob Chapek as the CEO of Disney ?

Ans. Bob Iger, the former CEO of Disney has been brought back again

Q 15. The FIFA World Cup 2022 began yesterday in Qatar. This is the most expensive World Cup till date. What is the approx budget for the event, that includes the infrastructure spend also ?

Ans. It is variously estimated to cost anything between 200 – 300 Billion $ .. Many papers have carried the figure 220 Billion $

Q16. Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has committed that most of his entire wealth will be given away in philanthropy during his lifetime. How much has he given to country singer Dolly Parton for doing philanthropy ?

Ans. 100 Million $

Q 17. With which ETF would you associate the controversial Fund Manager Cathie Wood ?

Ans. ARK Invest

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