Weekly Business Quiz # 628

Sorry for the delayed post. These questions are for the period October 9 – October 18, 2022


Q1. What is the cricketer KLRahul endorsing here ?

Ans. Platinum jewellery for the brand Men of Platinum

Q2. Plans for privatization of which of the SAIL steel plants have been shelved by the govt because of few bids received ?

Ans. Bhadravati works, Karantaka also known as Visweswaraya Iron and Steelworks Ltd

Q3. M S Dhoni has made an investment in the start up Shaka Harry promoted by Anand Nagarajan. In what business is Shaka Harry in ?

Ans. Plant based protein

Q4. Toffee makers like Perfetti have seen a drop in sales over the last 2-3 years due to an unlikely development. The growth and popularity of UPI. How does the growth of UPI affect toffee sales ?

Ans. Small grocers used to give toffees to buyers when they had to return small change. Thanks to UPI buyers can make exact payments.

Q5. Just like ATMs are like an extension of the teller counter in bank branches. Digital Banking Units are extension of many other bank services that can be self operated or in an assisted mode. How many Digital Banking Units did the PM inaugurate recently ?

Ans. 75

Q6. Which Indian Pharma company has acquired the Johnson and Johnson plant in Telangana that has been lying idle since 2016 on a slump sale basis ?

Ans. Hetero Drugs


Q7. A digital twin of which Hollywood actor who has a speech disorder was created by Deepfake company for use in an advertisement for a Russian telecom company ?

Ans. Bruce Willis

Q8. The Top 3 in the management consulting services worldwide are often referred to as MBB. If M stands for MsKinsey what does BB stand for ?

Ans. BCG and Bain and Company

Q9. Connect Elon Musk to the Burnt Hair perfume

Ans. Elon Musk owns the brand through his Boring Company and he promoted it through Twitter

Q10. Bayraktar TB2 drones are making a big impact in the Russia Ukraine war. These drones are being exported to 24 countries. Which country makes these drones ?

Ans. Turkey

Q11. Which grocery chain is Krogers acquiring that will make it the biggest standalone grocer in the US ?

Ans. Albertsons

Q12. Which petroleum product is having acute shortage worldwide with US reporting lowest seasonal inventories in 40 years leading to a chaos mode worldwide ?

Ans. Diesel

Q13. Charlie Munger , the investment guru and close associate of Warren Buffett, has labeled companies that actively buyback undervalued stock as “X ” What is X ?

Ans. Cannibals

Compiled by G.Mohan

Twitter handle IndiaBusinessQuiz@go_mohan



  1. Amazing Questions….Awsm feed….I have been keeping up with this site for the past two years now and always find something new to learn. Thank you for bringing this to us.


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