Weekly Business Quiz # 627


Q1. Which Indian Pharma company is in the eye of the storm after WHO has linked it to the death of 66 children in The Gambia after consuming contaminated cough syrups ?

Ans. Maiden Pharmaceuticals

Q2. Which credit rating agency’s licence has been given a winding up order by SEBI ?

Ans. Brickworks Ratings

Q3. The Chairperson of Suzlon India passed away yesterday. RIP. Name him

Ans. Tulsi Tanti

Q4. ISRO has developed a home grown navigation system that will become mandatory app in smart phones sold in India soon . What is it called ?

Ans. NavIC

Q5. Torrent Pharma has acquired Curatio for Rs 2000 crore. In which segment of the market they are in ?

Ans. Dermatology or skin care


Q6. Tesla demonstrated its prototype of a Humanoid robot that will be launched in 2027. It is expected to surpass its EV sales. What is it called ?

Ans. Optimus

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