Weekly Business Quiz # 629

The questions here pertain to business news and events during the period October 19 -October , 2022


Q1. Which group has taken controlling stake in the MRO firm Air Works ?

Ans. Adani Group

Q2. In the T20 World Cup, which Indian brand name can be seen on the jerseys of the Ireland cricket team ?

Ans. Amul

Q3. LVM3 M2/OneWeb India-1 mission has been completed successfully by ISRO. How many communication satellites did they launch ?

Ans. 32 satellites

Q4. Which brand of perfume does Amitabh Bachchan promote in his Happy Diwali message ?

Ans. Legend of 1942

Q5. Identify this business person who held top positions in Coats Viyella and later Vice Chairman of Biocon. He passed away. RIP

Ans. John Shaw

Q6. Recently Competition Commission of India imposed a big fine on Makemytrip and Oyo for their anti-competitive practices. What was the fines imposed on them ?

Ans. Rs 392 crore

Q7. Which Indian FMCG major has acquired a 51% stake in the branded spices company Badshah Masala for Rs 587 crore ?

Ans. Dabur India

Q8. Hindustan Unilever is raising prices of products whose input costs are rising and reducing prices of those whose input costs are declining. This is rare. What is this pricing method called ?

Ans. Mixed model


Q9. ASML, a Netherlands based company has asked all its employees in US to stop servicing their Chinese clients immediately to abide by US sanctions on China. This is considered to be big . What do ASML make ?

Ans. Lithography equipment to make semiconductor chips.

Q10. Dietrich Mateschitz , an Austrian billionaire has passed away yesterday at the age of 78. With which brand, which also has an F 1 team, is he associated with ?

Ans. Red Bull

Q11. FIFA the International Football Federation has decided to sever its ties with a video game co with whom it had a successful video game named FIFA for 30 years. It was earning 150 Mn $ royalty annually but now it has decided to go alone. Name its current video game co partner

Ans. EA Sports belonging to Electronic Arts

Q12. Why have Adidas decided to cut ties with the rapper Kanye West and discontinue the highly successful Yeezy line designed in collaboration with him ?

Ans. Anti-semitic comments

Q13. In US there is a rush to invest in I bonds ..What are I bonds ?

Ans. A series I bond is a non-marketable, interest-bearing U.S. government savings bond that earns a combined fixed interest rate and variable inflation rate (adjusted semiannually). Series I bonds are meant to give investors a return plus protection from inflation.

Q14. Which is the latest social media platform to join the billion users club ? .It has done in the shortest time

Ans. Tik-tok

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