Weekly Business Quiz # 622


Q1. Indian Railways recently demonstrated a 3.5 km long goods train that had 6 rakes connected that ferried 27,000 tonnes between Bhilai and Korba. What was this rake called ?

Ans. Super Vasuki

Q2. Which ad agency has created a new font called Bharat on the occasion of India’s 75 years of independence ?

Ans. Rediffusion

Q3. Two RBI Governors who succeeded each other were born exactly on the same day- 17th August 1941. They both have their birthdays tomorrow. Wishing them both good health and long life. Name them.

Ans. Bimal Jalan and Y V Reddy

Q4. Identify this Indian brand that was set up as Swadeshi competitor to British brands in 1939. It is still a leader in its category. This is an advt they released on the Independence Day

Ans. Parle Gluco now knwn as Parle G


Q5. Japanese government has started an unusual comptetition called “Sake Viva” to revive an industry and consumption of one product because of its declining trend among youth. What product are we talking about ?

Ans. Alcohol consumption to increase tax collection

Q6. In which region is Jumia a leading e-commerce marketplace ? It is a NYSE listed company .

Ans. Africa

Q7. President Joe Biden had a big economic plan that included climate change policies in his manifesto called ‘Build Back Better’..This agenda has been somewhat diluted and modified . What is the new bill called ?

Ans. Inflation Reduction Act

Q8. Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Jay Y Lee who was in jail on bribing charges has been pardoned and released..What reasons has been cited for this pardon ?

Ans. To revive the economy

Q9. Argentina is once again facing hyper inflation. The central bank there raised the rates by as much as 950 basis points..What is the new bank rate after the hike ?

Ans. 69.5%

Q10. Why has a post on LinkedIn by Braden Wallake , CEO of Hypersocial gone viral ?

Ans. He fired his employees and then put a Crying picture of his sympathising with his employees

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