Weekly Business Quiz # 620


Q1. Under what brand name has Coca Cola launched a no-fizz low-sugar lemon drink in India with the Neeraj Chopra as the brand ambassador ?

Ans. Limca

Q2. Nestle had launched Purina in 2017 in India as a separate entity. Now it has decided to merge it with Nestle India. In which business is Purina in ?

Ans. Pet Food

Q3. L&T along with CIDCO achieved a unique feat under Mission 96. What is Mission 96 ?

Ans. 96 flats were made ready in 96 days

Q4. The PM recently inaugurated the IIBX at the GIFT city. Expand IIBX

Ans. India International Bullion Exchange

Q5. Under which of the Bajaj companies you would find the Bajaj family investment in Maharashtra Scooters ?

Ans. Bajaj Holdings

Q6. This former ED of Canara Bank has taken charge as the MD and CEO of Union Bank of India. Name her.

Ans. A Manimekhalai

Q7. Which current day top model and Bollywood star appeared as a baby model with her mother in a TVC for Wipro Babysoft many years ago ?

Ans. Kiara Advani

Q8. Which major American company that had a minority stake in Zomato via an earlier merger has decided to sell its stake via a block deal in the market ?

Ans. Uber Technologies

Q9. During events like Commonwealth games, non cricket stars get some spotlight on them. As per a Group M report what % of sports advertising spends in India are for non- cricket sports in 2021 ?

Ans. 12 %

Q10. In India wine accounts for just 1% of all alcoholic beverages. One company, promoted by Stanford graduate Rajeev Samant has been developing this market. It has even promoted wine tourism in Nashik, India’s version of Napa Valley. It is soon coming out with an IPO. Name the co.

Ans. Sula Vineyards

Q11. As per a govt response to a question in Rajya Sabha how many individual Income Tax Returns filers during the year 2020-21 ( AY 2021-22) had shown gross total income over Rs 1 crore ?

Ans. 1,33,000


Q12. Who has acquired the deep discount airline Spirit for 3.8 Billion $ ?

Ans. Jetblue

Q13. Due to fall in the valuation of holdings of which Chinese billionaire, has she made Savitri Jindal of India the richest Asian woman ?

Ans. Yang Huiyan of Country Garden Holdings

Q14. With which company has Netflix tied up to offer cheaper ad-supported streaming plans to consumers ?

Ans. Microsoft

Compiled by

G.Mohan Twitter IndiaBusinessQuiz@go_mohan


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