Weekly Business Quiz # 619


Q1. Opium is grown in MP, UP and Rajasthan under strict govt regulations. This narcotic substance has medicianl applications. This was processed in govt factories at Neemuch and Ghazipur. The govt for the first time has allowed private sector in opium processing. Name the company

Ans. Bajaj Healthcare

Q2. The West Bengal former Minister Partha Chatterjee right now under investigation on corruption charges is an MBA from IISWBM. Before joining politics with which PSU was he associated as an HR professional ?

Ans. Andrew Yule and company

Q3. Name this Los Angeles headquartered VC firm that claims to have invested in tech ventures like Byju’s but is now in the eye of a storm because it did not bring in the funds .

Ans. Sumeru Ventures

Q4. Which state is promoting its tourism with this first visual ?

Ans. Arunachal Pradesh

Q5. Name this star fund manager of an AMC who was with the same AMC for 25 years and its Chief Investment Officer overseeing 100,000 crore asets. He has resigned from that AMC.

Ans. Prashant Jain of HDFC Mutual Fund


Q6. Which category of desserts in US has brands like Menchie’s, TCBY, Red Mango, Sweet Frog ?

Ans. Frozen Yogurt

Q7. The European Central Bank raised rates after 11 years. What was the rate hike ?

Ans. 50 basis points or 0.5%

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